21 Jul 2023

The Mother of All Things: Inked Stories: Gaia (Mono Edition) ft. JPK

According to Greek legends, all things both gods and mortals share the same origins—the goddess Gaia. She is a primordial deity, a representation of the fundamental forces in our universe, in this case, Earth itself.

8" Polystone Art Toy
Limited Edition
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Her lush gracefulness is brought to life monochromatically in our latest Inked Stories collaboration with Jon-Paul Kaiser, following the releases of Medusa and Eve. Read on to learn more about her. 

The Great Mother
All of creation descended through Gaia—the heavenly gods through her union with Uranus, the sea gods through her and Pontus, the giants from her and Tartaros, and mortals directly from her earthly flesh. In total, she had over 60 children.

She was the second to be formed, after Chaos himself. After spending time alone, she created Uranus for company and let him rule over the sky to keep him happy. 

The Rebel
Even as the mother of the heavenly gods, Gaia was not one to conform to their wishes. She first rebelled against Uranus, who had imprisoned her children within her womb. She teamed up with her son, Cronus, who successfully overthrew his father. 

When Cronus continued imprisoning her sons, she teamed up with Zeus during his rebellion against the Titans, which saw the lightning god victorious.

The Personification of Earth
As a primordial deity, Gaia was not just a character in the Greek epics—she represented the fundamental forces and physical foundations of the world. In Hesiod's Theogony, the creation myth of Greek mythology, she was referred to as “the ever-sure foundation of all”.

According to the Iliad, black sheep were sacrificed to her and she was invoked when people in the past took oaths.  These Ancient Greeks believed that all life and elements of the earth came from her.


Gaze at beauty personified through the original existence before all—Gaia! This Inked Stories collectible, in collaboration with JPK, features the continents tattooed across her body—representing her being as Earth itself. 

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