23 Feb 2023

The Mind of an Office Worker: Sloggu The Office

Ever wonder what your colleagues are really thinking about at the workplace? This new Sloggu FunBoxx series brings these thoughts to life! 

There are tons of different personalities in the office —from the hardworkers to the lazy ones—making every Sloggu unique. Read on to explore the different characters!


Winning William

He’s the high-flyer, the overachiever. Every project he touches turns to gold and he knows it. He seats on the throne as the company’s golden boy and all give way to his whims. 


Competitive Chad

A true fighter, Chad never goes down without a fight. He takes every opportunity to compete with others—speed, quality, quantity, even staying back the latest. 


Frustrated Freddy

Easily ticked off, you don’t want to cross when he’s in one of his moods. Especially before he’s had his morning coffee. Not a bad colleague—just a little scary at times.


Lazy Larry 

Speaking about bad colleagues, Larry is hands down the worst. If you have him on your team, prepare to pick up some of his work because it’s either not good enough or not even done.


Bad Day Ben

Have a colleague that goes to work looking like it’s the worst day of their life, every day? That’s Bad Day Ben. In fact, there’s even an office saying: instead of pigs flying, it’s Ben smiling.


Zen Zayn

Everyone’s favorite co-worker, Zayn is super chill about everything and nothing can faze him. Even if there’s an emergency with the client, his stoic look never breaks and it inspires confidence.


Crying Calvin

A firm advocate of quality rest, Calvin believes any task can be done as long as you get your full 8 hours of sleep! He will not miss out on any chance during the day to take a quick power nap. 


Hungry Hayden 

The life of the party, Hayden is here to spill the beans on the latest office gossip while devouring his lunch. What’s the 411? Hayden’s got you!


Tired Tim

That one colleague who swears by coffee and has multiple coffee ring stains on his desk, Tim gets all his work done while on a caffeine rush. He also balances out the caffeine by sipping on some alcohol to rewind at night, the perfect combination to solve all problems.

The Sloggus are here to work—collect them all and display them on your work desk to keep you company while you’re working away at your desk.

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