14 Apr 2021

The Huntress' Gaze – NFT Auction on

the huntress' gaze

The wolfpack wreaks havoc again, and this time, the Huntress is determined to nip the problem in the bud. After weeks of tracking, the Huntress uncovers the hiding grounds of the elusive alpha white wolf. With her mighty axe and heart full of courage, she engages with the legendary wolf and puts an end to its reign of terror. Will this be the final boss? Nobody knows…

The Huntress’ Gaze is an edition 1 of 1 NFT digital collectible that unlocks a one-of-its-kind, hand-embellished physical collectible of The Huntress’ Gaze by Mighty Jaxx, with an exclusive white wolf head. Only the FIRST person who owns this NFT will be able to redeem this physical collectable via the NFT's unlockable content. Secondary sales will not receive any physical collectables from Mighty Jaxx. The NFT and physical collectible can be traded separately.

Head to using the following link to place your bid for The Huntress' Gaze NFT before the auction ends on 18 Apr!





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