31 Jan 2018

The Fight of Galligantus (Onslaught Marbled) VS. Skull Bomb (Warthog Shark)

*Cues suspenseful instrumental music

Step right up! Step right up! Don’t miss out as we announce the fight of the century!

The crowd is roaring in anticipation and waiting to catch a glimpse of the heavyweight contender, GALLIGANTUS strutting its way onto the wrestling ring to face-off the unmissable Skull Bomb of Warthog Shark.


is the perfect risk assessor and its reputation precedes the beast’s demeanor, the ability to use exaggerate high-guard to deflect any incoming destructible warfare. Its skin is tougher than any material ever produced which has given GALLIGANTUS the advantage to withstand countless of battles. Keep a lookout for GALLIGANTUS spiked ball and metal chain permanent on its wrist! One full swing of this formidable weapon is enough to knock out its opponent or cause irreversible damage.

Skull Bomb is an opportunist by using high-technology to scan the battleground in a hope to attack its opponent off guard. As a one-hit wonder, Skull Bomb effectively scores with single blow while capping it at double blows if the significant threat does not surrender before complete elimination. Having gone through an intensive programming at a specialized laboratory based in Singapore, Skull Bomb has the ability to bounce back even after “self-destructions”. Skull Bomb is programmed in a way that once the target has been locked down in sight, there is absolute no escape. 

Place your bets here for GALLIGANTUS (Onslaught Marbled Edition) and here for Skull Bomb (Warthog Shark), who would you prefer to come out of the match alive?


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