06 Aug 2020

The AUTHORS Series

Who's excited for another entry into the AUTHORS series of figures?

This week we are releasing the second colourway of Shoe Designer - the Royal Edition! Shoe Designer returns in a blue get up along with some new shoes, which you can swap around with other figures from our AUTHORS series.

Like other figures in the AUTHORS series, Shoe Designer (Royal Edition) stands at 8" tall and is made from vinyl. Imagine how cool they'd all look lined up together! That's also perhaps the easiest way to tell if you're getting an authentic Mighty Jaxx x Danil YAD AUTHORS piece - they all are of the same height!

Now that we're 4 figures into the series, who would you like to see added next?

Visual differences alone don't make it easy to tell if you're getting a real piece. To combat the issue of fakes, every piece comes powered by Mighty Jaxx's authentication system - FORREAL.

By scanning your AUTHORS piece with the Mighty Jaxx app, you can be assured that your piece is real when the digital COA pops up on your mobile screen. Be sure to download the Mighty Jaxx app from the App Store or Google Play Store, it's your armour against fakes!

By purchasing authentic products from reputable channels, you will be supporting the artists that bring these amazing works to you.

As we get ready for the 24 hour timed release of Shoe Designer (Royal Edition), be sure to check out our exclusive artist interview with Danil YAD on YouTube! Watch it here:

Have the first Shoe Designer? Snap some photos and share them with us on social media! We'd love to see how you display your pieces, and we might even repost it!

Shoe Designer (Royal Edition) by Danil YAD drops on 8 Aug, 9am EST for 24 hours only on

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