01 Jun 2023

The Art of Geisha: Cherry Bombom by Yuko Shimizu

Yuko Shimizu joins Mighty Jaxx in this first-ever collaboration: Cherry Bombom! An intriguing fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, this piece grants an inside look into one of today’s creative geniuses.

SIZE: 7.5” Tall, 8.5” Wide
PRICE: 269.00 USD

Unwinding in an ice cream sundae cup—one you might find in an American diner—is a geisha, a professional entertainer trained in traditional Japanese arts. Her delicate porcelain skin heavily contrasts the vivid colors of the strawberry ice cream, which flows across her body in a tantalizing stream.

Geisha have been around since the mid-1700s (fun fact: the first Geisha were male!). They are trained to make guests feel at ease through conversation, drinking games, and performances. Read on to learn more about the cultural symbolism behind the heroine of this collectible. 

Trained from Young

Geisha aspirants live in special houses called okiya. Usually moving in at the early age of 15, they are taught to be masters of traditional Japanese arts, from dance and music to the art of communication. 

After passing the shikomi training period and accompanying exam, they will go on to become apprentices and eventually become full-fledged Geisha in a couple of years. 

The Exclusivity of Ochaya

Ochaya are tea houses and the usual choice location for a geisha dinner. They are usually highly exclusive, granting entry only to trusted customers. New customers will only be accepted if an existing one serves as their guarantors. 

As part of this trust-based system, an ochaya doesn’t bill their customers at the end of the night. Instead, they add up their entire evening’s expenses—including things like the room, food, and taxi ride—into a running tab and charge it monthly to their bank accounts. 

The Inside Scoop

A geisha dinner is extravagant and considered the highest form of cultural entertainment and hospitality in Japan. What happens during one? They are filled with food and drinks as you might guess. Geishas go around entertaining guests through witty conversations and drinking games.

The highlight of the evening would be the  performance of a seasonal dance. This will be accompanied by traditional Japanese music, played on instruments by another Geisha. 

Cherry Bombom by Yuko Shimizu will be available for pre-order on 3 June 2023. To celebrate Yuko’s first collaboration, we’re giving double Mighty Coins on all purchases for the first week! This collectible also comes with an exclusive print.




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