14 Apr 2022

Thailand Toy Expo 2022: Nyammy Treats: Aroy Nyan Nyan

Get ready for a gastro-nyan-mical adventure at Thailand Toy Expo 2022 with Nyammy Treats: Aroy Nyan Nyan! Having traveled to Thailand, the Nyammy Treats have gobbled up some delicious Thai food and turned into what they’ve eaten. It doesn’t end there - these kitties have also taken 8-bit forms that are absolutely adorable!

Meet The Collection

The Nyammy Treats: Aroy Nyan Nyan consists of 4 different NFTs based on famous Thai foods. Take your pick between a heart-warming pot of tom yum, a sweet plate of mango sticky rice, or a refreshing coconut, but wait! These foods have been fused with adorable cats, so don’t try to eat them, you’ll scare them away! 

Coco-maew Tom Yum Maew Maew-go Sticky Rice
Coco-maew, Tom Yum Maew, Maew-go Sticky Rice (L-R)

You’ll be able to get the above 3 individual NFTS during our pre-event drop happening on 20 April, 9 am ET on Anyone anywhere in the world can order the individual Coco-maew, Maew-go Sticky Rice, and Tom Yum Maew NFTs. Only 200 of each will be available to mint, each NFT will be airdropped into your ETH wallet.

Family Maew
Family Maew

More of a set meal kinda person? Get all 3 in a single NFT! Only 600 of the Family Maew NFT will be available to mint from 28 April, to 15 May 2022. Plus, you’ll get to redeem a free ice cream treat only at the Mighty Jaxx TTE booth when you order any of the Aroy Nyan Nyan NFTs.

Purchasing Your Nyammy Treats: Aroy Nyan Nyan NFT

Purchasing your Nyammy Treats: Aroy Nyan Nyan NFT is as simple as purchasing any product from the Mighty Jaxx website or app! Simply add your desired NFT to your cart and follow the checkout process, the only difference is that you will have to specify your Polygon ETH wallet address during checkout.

Make sure you enter the correct ETH address, we will not be able to recover or refund NFTs lost due to wrongly entered ETH addresses. Don’t have an ETH Wallet on the Polygon network? Click here to find out how to create one!


Exclusive Utilities With Your NFTs

Owning any of the Nyammy Treats: Aroy Nyan Nyan NFTs comes with some exclusive utilities*!

- Redeem a free ice cream treat only at the Mighty Jaxx booth at TTE.
- Be whitelisted for access to a future collectible collaboration with a prominent Thai artist.
- You’ll be eligible for our Discord contest, where you stand to win tickets to Singapore Comic Con 2022 (inclusive of airfare).

Remember, you’ll need to purchase any of the four Nyammy Treats: Aroy Nyan Nyan NFTs to receive these utilities.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please read them here

A Secret Fourth Cat

Yep, you read that right - there’s a secret fourth cat in the series, one that isn’t available to purchase but you can visit it! A Nyammy Treats kitty has gobbled up the Mighty Jaxx TTE booth and transformed into our booth, be sure to snap pictures with the larger than life 8-bit Mighty Jaxx booth at TTE and tag us in your photos on Instagram and Facebook.

Mighty Jaxx TTE 2022
A sneak peek of the Mighty Jaxx TTE 2022 booth.

Mighty Jaxx at Thailand Toy Expo 2022

So head down to Thailand Toy Expo 2022 and be sure to swing by the Mighty Jaxx booth Eden 2, Floor B1 to get your hands on our limited edition phygital collectibles available in limited quantities, and mint the adorable 8-bit Nyammy Treats: Aroy Nyan Nyan NFTs. We’ll see you there!

Thailand Toy Expo 2022 is happening from 28 April to 1 May at CentralWorld, Bangkok, Thailand. Visit us at booth Eden 2, Floor B1.

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