24 Mar 2021

Story of a Mermaid: Mermaid's Ruin by ABCNT

Having lived her entire life near the ocean floor, isolated from the rest of the world beyond her watery home, a young mermaid dreamed about the blissful land of humans. Day after day, she patiently waited for the day when she would finally turn 15, for that is the day that she would take her turn to make her first visit to the ocean’s surface. Expecting warm sunshine, scenic islands, beautiful clothes and other wonders that she couldn't even start to imagine, the little mermaid counted down to her 15th birthday with intense longing...

After what felt like aeons, the day finally arrived. The little mermaid stayed up all night as she simply could not sleep with all that eagerness swelling up in her heart. She tossed and turned in her bed thinking a thousand questions… "What beautiful birds will I see?" "How bright is the sun?" “Will I meet Prince Charming?” "Will the humans be dancing and walking on those – what do you call them again – feet?" 

At daybreak, the mermaid put on a magical mask given by her father, which would temporarily allow her to breathe on land. She checked her beautiful red hair to make sure that she looked absolutely perfect for her big day, and waved goodbye to her aquatic friends and family. Hardly able to contain her excitement, she swiftly made her way to the surface, when suddenly, a sense of foreboding struck her...

An ominous shadow loomed above. The water was murky and dark. Weak rays of sunlight fought its way through strange silhouettes of floating objects that she had never seen before.

The mermaid rose to the surface with dwindling hopes for the paradise that she had expected to see, but nothing could prepare her for the awry sight. Black bags of trash were scattered all around, lifelessly bobbing. Barrels of foul-smelling substances gurgled with the movement of the waves. Cartons, containers, crushed vessels – all strewn across the surface of the ocean like a dystopic ruin.

Disappointment hit the young mermaid like a tidal wave, as a 15-year long dream of the world beyond the sea was crushed in an instant. The mortified mermaid desperately looked around and found a small stretch of rocky land, with a tiny boat that was washed ashore. She swam towards it, in hopes of finding some remnants of a forgotten adventure. She climbed on and propped herself up on the broken boat, which was surrounded by more trash, more filth, and more dismal. 

The mermaid searched around, unsure what she might find. She found a coil of telephone cord and wrapped it around her neck, thinking that it was some sort of accessory. She picked up a tattered sail cloth and wrapped it around herself, as if in a last ditch attempt to fight the cold that is stabbing at her heart. “Did this boat belong to my Prince Charming?” She couldn’t help but make up fantasies to ease the pain that she felt…

Her mind alternated between moments of deep thoughts and moments of emptiness, as she sat amidst the wreckage. Unaware of the dark tentacles of evil that were creeping close behind her, the mermaid resigned to her fate, as her hopes and dreams dissolved into soulless sea foam...

“Mermaid’s Ruin” is a 9.3” tall polystone art collectible designed by LA-based street artist ABCNT. This beautiful statement piece will be dropping in a 24-hour time limited release on Saturday, 27th Mar, at 9am EST. *Part of our profits from Mermaid’s Ruin by ABCNT will be donated to Oceana, a nonprofit ocean conservation organization focused on preserving and restoring the world's oceans.

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