07 Apr 2021

Special Release with an NFT: The Beauty of Rebellion

the beauty of rebellion special release blogpost

The curtain rises, and a graceful ballerina steps onto the stage. Look closer, she is not here to be scrutinised – she’s on a mission. No damsels in distress, no dying swans; Her movement is bold, her head held high. Her beauty is no longer defined by dainty steps and pretty hand gestures, but by her conviction and resolve. 

From the same artist that brought you Anti-Supremacy and patRIOT, introducing The Beauty of Rebellion by Abell Octovan, a phenomenal statement piece that shouts out to all who strives to prove their worth and their beauty in their own unique ways.

beauty of rebellion nft release

Our First Special Release with an NFT

This weekend, Mighty Jaxx will be launching The Beauty of Rebellion by Abell Octovan as a special release with an NFT, providing an option to bridge the physical and digital collecting space for our collectors!

When you purchase and receive your physical collectible of The Beauty of Rebellion by Abell Octovan, you will be able to scan it with the Mighty Jaxx app to authenticate it as per normal. Once authentication is successful, you will then have the special option to mint the matching NFT for The Beauty of Rebellion if you wish to. If you wish to just collect the physical collectible without minting the NFT, you will still be able to authenticate and claim ownership of the piece, so it’s totally up to you! 

NFTs are secure digital tokens that you can own and trade. This NFT will be linked to you and only you, by being assigned a cryptographic token which acts as a unique identifier of the art collectible that you physically own. As such, the digital asset that you will own is as scarce and exclusive (read: highly sought after) as the physical asset.

 beauty of rebellion by abell octovan

When you trade The Beauty of Rebellion to someone else, its ownership can be transferred by trading both the physical and digital asset. You will be able to trade your The Beauty of Rebellion NFT on open marketplaces such as OpenSea. It’s an extra secure way to authenticate, trade, and collect!

To read more about NFTs and how it’s changing the way we collect art, check this link out:

The Beauty of Rebellion is a 12” polystone art collectible by Abell Octovan, which launches for 24 hours only, on Saturday, 10 Apr, 9am ET. Register your email address below to receive news from us to make sure that you never miss out on any release updates! Don’t forget to also download the Mighty Jaxx app to maximize your collecting experience.




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