15 Feb 2022

Special Release! Securing Your Inked Stories: Eve (Colorized) feat. JPK

Last year you fell in love with Inked Stories: Eve ft. JPK. A collaborative release between Mighty Jaxx and JPK, the incredible collectible reimagined the stories of Eden through her sculpt and a series of traditional tattoos.

Inked Stories: Eve (Colorized) feat. JPK

The colored edition of Inked Stories: Eve was first released as a special NFT with VeVe at DesignerCon 2021. Now, this incredible piece is back as a limited edition premium format figure exclusively for owners of the NFT.

Inked Stories: Eve (Colorized) ft. JPK drops on 7 Mar, 9 am ET. To take part in this special release, you will need to verify your ownership of the NFT. Simply follow these steps:

1. Make sure you are a VeVe user and you own the Eve NFT in your corresponding wallet.

2. Fill out this form with the following details:

  • Your VeVe username and VeVe account email
  • The Eve NFT Edition Numbers you own (i.e. CE#001)
  • Your registered Mighty Jaxx email address (For new users, please ensure that you have signed up for a Mighty Jaxx account in order to be eligible to purchase the product)

Inked Stories: Eve (Colorized) feat. JPK Inked Stories: Eve (Colorized) feat. JPK Inked Stories: Eve (Colorized) feat. JPK

3. The product will be available for order from 7 Mar, 9 am ET to users who filled in the form and have been verified as NFT owners.

4. Purchases can only be made on the Mighty Jaxx website (not available on the Mighty Jaxx App, although you should still download it to enjoy all the phygital features of our products).

  • Log in to your registered MightyJaxx account on the website.
  • If you’ve been confirmed to be a verified Eve NFT holder, you will be able to see the exclusive Inked Stories: Eve (Colorized) collectible.
  • Get ready to cart out!

      Please note that users will only be able to place an order for a maximum of the number of NFTs they own. Mighty Jaxx reserves the right to cancel or amend any orders placed that violate this rule.

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