16 Jun 2021

Seeking Treasure with XXRAY Plus: Luffy (Treasure Gold Edition)

Luffy from Eiichiro Oda's One Piece is the Straw Hat Pirates’ leader. He is beloved the world over for his captivating personality, strength, and love for his fellow crewmates. 

On 19 June, for 24 hours onlyLuffy returns to Mighty Jaxx with the latest addition to the XXRAY One Piece collection - meet the XXRAY Plus: Luffy (Treasure Gold Edition)! Paying homage to Luffy’s adventurous spirit on his epic treasure-hunting conquest across the Grand Line for the elusive One Piece, the XXRAY Plus: Luffy (Treasure Gold Edition) features lustrous hues of metallic gold, from hat to toe.

 XXRAY PLUS: Luffy (Treasure Gold Edition)

Fans of the anime One Piece know that the Straw Hat Pirates are more than just a crew to each other, they’re family. Luffy exemplifies this in the way he treats each member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Take his relationship with Chopper, for example, he spent his whole life as an outcast for being deemed a monster for his transformations. Chopper was moved by Luffy’s genuine awe and admiration for his transformations, helping him feel less alone in the world.

The family you choose is the treasure you surround yourself with every day, and we can’t think of a better character to get the Treasure Gold treatment.

XXRAY PLUS: Luffy (Treasure Gold Edition)

Inspired by Luffy’s quest to find the treasure One Piece, the XXRAY Plus: Luffy (Treasure Gold Edition) is stylized in the iconic and intricate dissection style Jason Freeny is known for like the original XXRAY Plus: Luffy, this time complete with fine gold detailing. 

After all, gold is the common element found in treasure chests, coins, and even the name of the infamous Pirate King himself - Gol D. Roger! 

Collectors of One Piece toys, the exclusive new Luffy figure is gonna be the centerpiece of your collection of treasures! Whether you’ve got an XXRAY One Piece figurine, or Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: One Piece collectible, you’re a step closer to finding the elusive One Piece with the XXRAY Plus: Luffy (Treasure Gold Edition)!

XXRAY Plus: Luffy (Treasure Gold) Release Banner

Available on 19 June 2021, 9pm SGT // 24 Hours Timed-Release // 8” Vinyl Art Toy // $169 with Free Shipping

Due to licensing agreements, the sale of this figure is limited to the following territories only: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong & The Philippines. We know how disappointing these territory restrictions can be and we're working hard to bring these officially licensed figures to more markets soon.


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