26 Jul 2018

Sakura Season All-year-round

skull bomb sakura blogpost image
Make every season spring with this week's release of Skull Bomb (Sakura Edition)!

As our second clear resin skull bomb with the floral action going on, this limited edition piece is not one to be missed. We particularly love how the branches and the flowers could create such a picturesque image within the resin, it's almost like a painting! 

Just like the highly-coveted Skull Bomb Daisy, Skull Bomb Sakura will be released in a 24-hour time-limited pre-order period, from 28 July 2018, 10 a.m. EDT to 29 July 2018, 10 a.m. EDT. To top that off, we're also giving double VIP points for all purchases made during this 24-hour period to celebrate the launch of this new Skull Bomb! Find out more about the VIP programme here, and make sure to create an account before buying the Skull Bomb so that you can accumulate beautiful Mighty Coins!


Now, for the regular readers of our blog, we just wanna say that you're curious, you're awesome and you haz good taste. So here's yet another surprise for you! Share this image on Instagram, use the hashtag #MJSkullbombSakura, and 1 lucky winner will stand a chance to win a Mighty Jaxx voucher worth $30USD! *Make sure your profile is public, we gotta see it to register it*

Skull Bomb Sakura contest image

Lucky draw will be carried out via Instagram Story Live on 30th July, and winners will be contacted via Instagram. Time starts now! Grab your friends and start counting down!



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