16 Sep 2021

Presenting The First-Ever Official F1 Art Collectibles

Are you ready to shift your fandom into high gear? The world of designer toys and F1 are colliding on Mighty AllStars as we bring you the first-ever digitally-authenticated F1 collectibles.

Created with F1, these collectibles double as a digital key to unlock exclusive activities, contests, and real-world prizes you can win through the Mighty Jaxx App. Get into the racing spirit and turbo-charge your F1 collection, be the first to collect them all!

The First Digitally-Authenticated F1 Art Collectibles

More than a new centrepiece for your epic collection of F1 merchandise, every piece in the Mighty AllStars F1 2021 is an exclusive digital invitation to unlock a host of digital experiences. Scanning these phygital pieces through the Mighty Jaxx App not only authenticates and registers your ownership of these premium collectibles, it gears you up for more. From games and contests to real-world prizes, exclusive in-app experiences await the proud owners of these first ever digitally-authenticated F1 art collectibles. That could be you. Let it be you.

Designed and Sculpted by Danil Yad

Each vinyl collectible is designed and sculpted by YARMS Studio founder Danil Yad, best known for the AUTHORS Series where he pays homage to artists, designers, and more. Through his newly launched YARMS Studio, he aims to carry on this tradition of paying “tribute to legendary personalities and iconic things”.

The studio’s latest project is the F1 2021 Mighty AllStars collection. It follows a line of successful releases from Danil Yad’s AUTHORS Series that features legendary icon Jeff Staple, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and even a collection with world renowned football club BVB.

Daniel Ricciardo Rotating Gif

Collector’s Edition

Celebrate the talent in the driver’s seat as they compete to be motorsport’s very best. The Collector’s Edition figures feature the drivers of the 2021 season in their official race suit and come holding removable team emblems. Build the ultimate F1 collection with your favorite drivers, each vinyl collectible stands at 8” tall.

Premium Edition
The lead drivers of each team are also available in an exclusive Premium Edition. Made of exquisite metal, the stately 10” collectibles come complete with a stunning metallic finish enhanced by gold accents and are designed to be the centerpiece of your epic collection. 

Team Bundles

Prefer to race in teams? Go flat out with the Collector Edition team bundles and celebrate every win with your favorite team. Each bundle comes with both drivers from your chosen team and includes an additional exclusive commemorative print.

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