03 Apr 2019

Out of this World!

Last week we travelled the galaxy with POPek (Galaxy Edition), this week, we continue our journey in space with 2 new out-of-this-world releases! Are you ready? 3...2...1...and we have lift off!

Wish Upon Me... (Sunset Edition) by Yoskay Yamamoto

Our journey this week begins in the galaxy of the shooting stars. Back in January, we dropped the highly sought for Wish Upon Me... (Sunrise Edition) by Yoskay Yamamoto that sold out in record time. You wished for a new variant and we've heard it - Wish Upon Me... is back!

The sunset variant of the coveted collectible features the beautiful gradient hues of a calming sunset. Picture yourself sitting on the beach as the sun slides below the horizon, beautiful hues of purple and blue wash over the skies above you, blissful isn't it?

Yoskay Yamamoto's Wish Upon Me... (Sunset) drops this week! The first 100 pieces to be ordered are ready to ship; every piece after will be a pre-order. Catch the coveted piece this Saturday, 06 April 2019, at 9AM EST! 

superman xxray figure

XXRAY Plus Superman (Metallic Edition)

Instantly recognisable and not from this world - the XXRAY Plus: Superman (Metallic Edition) lands on this weekend! 

Sent to Earth moments before Krypton was destroyed, a baby Kal-El crash landed onto a Kanas farm and was raised by the Kents. Growing up to be a symbol of hope and compassion for all of mankind, Superman's "S" symbol is recognisable to all of humanity. An icon of pop culture and the epitome of super heroics for most, the XXRAY Plus: Superman (Metallic Edition) is not to be missed.

Just keep the pesky green kryptonite away from him!


Stand a chance to win the XXRAY Plus Superman (Metallic) by heading over to our Instagram and commenting on the post! Winner will be announced on 5 April 2019! 
Landing Saturday, 6 April the XXRAY Plus: Superman (Metallic) will be available on 06 April 2019, at 9AM EST! 


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