27 Mar 2020

Our 5 Favourite Oscar The Grouch Moments

You probably know by now, we recently released the newest member of our XXRAY Plus Sesame Street family - the XXRAY Plus Oscar The Grouch! In celebration of Oscar joining the gang, we take a look at our 5 favourite Oscar moments. Join us below, did your favourite moments make this list?


We all know Oscar loves trash, so much in fact that trash is so closely associated with the character's identity! You probably have a couple of things you love too, but do you love them as much as Oscar loves his trash? He's so in love with trash he even has a song about it!


Most of us know Oscar as a grouchy puppet, but did you know he has a softer side too? In the video below, Oscar reminisces about how he met his best friend - Slimey - on a rainy day. It's another side of Oscar we don't often think about, and shows us that he isn't always the uncaring grouch he is made to be,


Sesame Street has a little segment known as "Letter of the Day". Our dear friend Oscar got involved in this episode for the letter H, but in Oscar fashion, he plays a trick on Cookie Monster. Oscar might not always help, but when he does, he makes sure he gets his fun too!


Just like the "Letter of the Day", there's a "Word of the Day"! Nicole Kidman makes an appearance on Sesame Street to teach about the word stubborn. Much like how Oscar played a trick on Cookie Monster in the video above, Nicole Kidman tricked Oscar into helping her with the word of the day. 


Oscar the Grouch was prominently featured in Sqaurespace's Make It Real promotional video from last year. Oscar fights to be left alone and by the end realises how miserable he is. There's many great shots of Oscar looking annoyed and tired of everything that's going on, we love it!


Did your favourite Oscar The Grouch moments make the list?

The videos above prove Oscar is so much more than just a grouch. Underneath his grouchy exterior is a puppet that is sentimental, cheeky, and even caring (in his own way). So why not bring Oscar home with the XXRAY Plus Oscar The Grouch?

Check out the sample piece that came in below, Oscar looks so so good!

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