12 May 2023

Open Your Eyes to the World of Tarot with El Emperador by Ricardo Cavolo

Ricardo Cavolo returns to Mighty Jaxx with his original work, Tarot Del Fuego, El Emperador (The Emperor), now transformed into an art toy. The piece features a dazzling display of colors as well as Ricardo Cavolo’s iconic use of intricate symbols!


The design is based on the tarot card with the same name, The Emperor, the fourth Major Arcana card. While the original tarot has a king seated on a throne adorned with ram heads, this design by Ricardo places the ram, a symbol of Mars, front, and center as the emperor himself. 

Ricardo’s signature motifs such as the flames and multiple eyes, which you can read more about here, can also be found in this collectible. 

The Origins of Tarot

Tarot decks have been around since the 15th century in various parts of Europe but were mainly used as playing cards. They were mainly hand-painted in the early days, until the invention of the printing press where the mass production of cards became possible. 

It was only in the 17th century that they started to see use in Cartomancy—divination using cards. Today, Tarot cards are also used as a tool for self-exploration, with some psychologists even using it as a complementary care therapy.

Understanding the Deck

There are a wide number of variations for decks, with Tarot of Marseilles, the Rider–Waite–Smith tarot deck, and the Thoth tarot deck being the most commonly used. As a rule of thumb, each deck comprises 78 cards and are split into two categories—the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

The Major Arcana features 22 cards, each with a unique character or scenario—this is where The Emperor card can be found. The Minor Arcana resembles a modern-day deck of playing cards, with four suits of 14 cards. 

Using Each Arcana

The Major Arcana (greater secrets) are to be read as a set and outline broad, pivotal events in one’s life. The Minor Arcana (lesser secrets) are more focused on the day-to-day happenings. 

There are many ways to organize the tarot cards when doing a reading, but the most popular approach is the Three-Card Spread. Used by beginners and professionals alike, this spread is a simple “framework” that serves as building blocks for creating relationships between cards.

El Emperador, the fourth card in the Major Arcana, represents stability, power, and protection, among other characteristics—perfect as a display piece as you go about your day. This collectible also comes with a special gift with purchase: The Coin, another of Ricardo Cavolo’s original works based on the suit with the same name in the Minor Arcana.

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