02 Jan 2018

Online Lottery: Yu Shou Long by Black Seed (Ksitigarbha)

Heads up boy and girls, we suggest you free up your calendar this week as Kenneth Tang (aka Black Seed) has got a big treat for you to kick things off this New Year the way he knows best! 

His majestic Yu Shou Long figure needs little introduction today. It is one of the most sought-after collectibles in the market right now and here we have an exclusive colourway—the Ksitigarbha Edition, first released at DesignerCon 2017.

With only 6 PIECES available for lottery, hurry sign up here for your chance at being one of the lucky six winners to purchase this sick piece.  


More about Yu Shou Long

The Warring States period spanned over three centuries where rival Chinese states embarked on long, perilous battles for territorial dominance. During that time, a double-headed black tortoise, Xuan Wu, caused massive catastrophe throughout the country and had to be subdued by three monks. Its powers were harnessed to create the strongest weapon—the Yu Shou Long, to protect the nation and its people.

In eastern culture, dragons are sacred creatures that symbolize immense power, fortune and luck. True to its name, the Yu Shou Long features a two-headed dragon fiercely guarding the shrine that is housed on its back. When dusk beckons, its eyes will light up, reflecting the heavenly powers of the moon.

Standing at 11 inches tall in its most basic form, the intricate two-headed dragon has LED lights fitted in its eyes with a modular shrine on its back.

More about Black Seed

Kenneth Tang, also known as Black Seed, is a renowned toy designer from Hong Kong. With a keen eye for detail and vivid colour schemes, his original creations have garnered him to amass a large following from collectors around the globe.



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