03 Nov 2020

Nyan Sum: Before and After

Now that you know about the origins of the Nyan Sums (check it out HERE if you haven't), let's check out how each kitty looked before they became the adorable Nyan Sums!

Even before he became "anxiety in a bun", Char Siu Meow was always a scaredy kitty! While the Nyan Sums were gorging on dim sums in the shop, Char Siu Meow was so afraid of getting caught he might have fainted a few times - only awoken by the delicious smells of char siu baos!

Meow Tow is a kitty of few words. Even before she became a dim sum kitty, she spoke very little and always had her eyes wide open. The moment they set foot into the dim sum shop, she had her sights on the platter of har gow and happily gorged it all down! All without blinking!

Po Lo Meow was a big kitty and a very affectionate one! You might have noticed that this trait of his continued even when he became a dim sum kitty. But you wouldn't know it from the way he gobbled down all the po lo buns in the shop, though he did it all with love.

Lazy kitty energy is strong with Liu Sha Meow! The absolutely adorable chonkster fell into a deep food coma while gobbling down delicious salted egg treats, and didn't even know he became a dim sum kitty because he was deep in slumber!

Once a glamorous kitty, always a glamorous kitty! Snapping photos and going live on social media even as she ransacked the stash of longevity buns. Even after her transformation, she didn't feel bothered at all and worked her #glam charm into her new look!

Always holding himself to high standards of class, Xiao Long Meow carefully consumed a mountain of xiao long baos with chopsticks! Taking extra care to dip them in a delicious ginger and vinegar dip, and to make sure the delicate skin of the bao doesn't tear and let all the delicious broth out.


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