07 Feb 2022

No More Amore! Here Are Your Worst Dates

No More Amore by Abell Octovan

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and love is in the air but Cupid is having none of it! He’s broken his bow in half and he’s embracing the heartbreak this year. Love is dead, long live the friendzone!

In the spirit of anti-valentine’s day, we asked you to submit your worst date stories on Instagram. Here are some of your worst date submissions:

Submission 1 Submission 2
Defecation + Dates = Disaster

 Submission 3 Submission 4
Definitely a deal breaker if you ask us. // Can't have a bad date when you don't go on dates eh.

Worst Date Submission 5
We're raging right along with you, this is just rude.

After those experiences we bet you want to give Valentine’s Day the finger. Join Abell Octovan this weekend and declare "no more amore" this Valentine's day. Take a closer look at the phenomenal anti-valentine art collectible, No More Amore by Abell Octovan:

No More Amore by Abell Octovan  No More Amore by Abell Octovan
Drawing inspiration from classic Greek sculptures, No More Amore features a smooth marble-like effect.

 No More Amore by Abell Octovan  No More Amore by Abell Octovan
Emphasized in red are his bow and arrow, and the phrase “Till love breaks us apart”, representing the eventual heartbreak love brings. 

No More Amore by Abell Octovan
No More Amore by Abell Octovan is available from 12 Feb, 9 am ET.
$269 with free shipping worldwide. Limited edition of 300 only.

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