19 Jul 2019

Movie Medley Feat. PEEpek Pink

All PEEpers on PEEpek! We put the limelight on this adorable pink peeing pup this week in a movie medley inspired by 3 icon movie scenes featuring doggos. Paw-fectly well-behaved or totally bratty, animals always add life and fun to any movies. Just like how PEEpek brings fun to any place! 

So here are the 3 scenes that we made, and the respective movies that inspired them:

1. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Ironically when we were brainstorming for pet scenes to feature PEEpek in, the first iconic movie scene with pets that came to our minds was one with... a cat. But this scene in Austin Powers where Mr. Bigglesworth (during his fluffier days) gets upset. We aren't sure if it's Dr. Evil's annoyingly gentle stroking motion or the fact that PEOPLE DIE made this scene so memorable, but we dig it. Here's PEEpek standing in for the day. Without the CATastrophe after.

"And when Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset, people die!"

2. Bruce Almighty

There's no other more appropriate movie scene to feature PEEpek in than this. Bruce's dog, Sam, fully embodies the spirit of PEEpek – pee everywhere! In an attempt to recreate this sequence in a truly Mighty Jaxx setting, we got the peeing PEEpek rushed out of our office. We're glad that vinyl pee makes no mess and doesn't stink. Thank God!


3. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

To end off this short skit, we found an inhumane way of stopping the dog from peeing with a punt inspired by Anchorman. Originally mercilessly kicked off a bridge, the innocent dog Baxter is replaced by the plastic PEEpek Pink. We "punted" the poor pup down the building after it peed around the office. But of course it's all for laughs, no dogs (real or vinyl) were harmed in this process. 


You can watch the whole sequence with some turnaround-p0rn on our YouTube channel – remember to like and subscribe! We hope you had fun watching and guessing the movies with us on Instagram, do keep following us for more interesting (and silly) toy related content!

And don't forget to grab your own PEEpek Pink Edition by Whatshisname this Saturday, 20 July, at 9am ET. Only 200 pcs available and this cutie is in stock and ready to ship. 

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