21 Mar 2019


The sound of the blaring siren rips through the air. A nearby city is under attack. It has been years since the first attack, but the group of invincible cyborg apes have made a terrifying come back about a week ago. You have been deployed for the mission to fight the mysterious beasts once again, and there is only so much that you know about them...

You start feeling nervous while the announcement goes off. The sweltering tropical heat provides no respite and keeps everyone on edge. Your eyes dart about the field, everyone standing at attention, with mixed feelings of nervousness as well as a sense of duty. The cruciality of the next mission cannot be understated.

Your unit's mission involves stopping 10 white ape's rampage on Isla Cráneo. It is true that mankind does not know much about the apes, but with experience from the first Great Ape Attack, new technology has led to ground-breaking inventions in weaponry, built specifically to target non-human entities and avoid collateral damage on buildings.

You pick your weapon.

The latest model of the Skull Bomb Warthog Shark – the MK-III – is the perfect weapon for this battle. With the double VIP coins buff, this model ensures the most efficient energy consumption while dealing even higher level of damage. The revolutionary PINK (Pitch Incapacitation NuKing) technology effectively stuns non-human creatures within a 2km area of effect, rendering all attempts at escape completely futile, and subsequently delivers a devastating sonic attack that specifically incapacitates the apes. Regardless of size. 

The time for attack is soon, and the mission needs to end within 24 hours, as the effectiveness of the MK-III wears off in that time-frame. 

24-hour Timed Release
23 03 2019 - 0900 ET to 24 03 2019 - 0859 ET

You do a last check on your equipments. Time is ticking, are you ready?

Darwin's Revenge by Paul Jackson releases
22 March 2019, 9am ET
10 pcs Available only

Skull Bomb Warthog Shark MK-III by Jason Freeny
23 March 2019, 9am ET – 24 March 2019, 8.59am ET
$129 (with free shipping worldwide)
Time-limited release 



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