02 Jul 2019


Wanted a certain toy but couldn't get it before it was all sold out? Or simply want something dope to kickstart your vinyl toy conquest? We hear you – some of the hottest items of 2018 are back online for sale! We've collated the latest reserve pieces left from a collection, and a tiny number of 2018 events-exclusives and stuffed them into the MJ Vault. They're highly limited in quantities, so fastest fingers first! Now, check out some highlights of the most popular toys that are going to hit the MJ Vault shelves this THURSDAY, 4 JULY, 9AM ET!

For the Fast Food Fans

Nothing really beats the convenience of fast food! Cheap, filling, and leaves us with a smile but also a hint of regret, check out these fast food inspired figures that transform your favourite fast-food chain mascot into cheeky art collectibles.

Vomit Kid (Fast Food Red) by OKEH

The Vomit Kid figure is a favourite among designer toy collectors. Designed by illustrator OKEH, Vomit Kid (Fast Food Red) spews out an oil like gush! Finished in a familiar red, yellow, and white colour scheme, very few pieces of Vomit Kid (Fast Food Red) are now back in stock! 

8" Vinyl Toy | US$89.00 | In Stock & Ready to Ship

Hambuddha by Tik Ka From East

From the brilliant mind of Hong Kong artist Tik Ka From East comes Hambuddha! Speed up your journey to Sukhāvatī with Hambuddha's pearl shaped hamburger. Sitting on his golden brown lotus throne, Hambuddha guides the hungry souls to fast food Nirvana.

8" Vinyl Toy | US$169.00 | In Stock & Ready to Ship


For the Animal Lovers

How can anyone say no to adorable animals? With their cute little paws and wide eyes, these adorable little ones disarm us with nothing but a look.

Meowlting by I Love Doodle

Beat the summer heat with Moewlting! The original Meowlting by I Love Doodle is back for a limited time, the adorable little cat slowly meowlts down a cone and needs you to save it from a meowlty doom! No cats were harmed in the making of this piece, but can't say the same for ice cream.

6" Vinyl Toy | US$99.00 | In Stock & Ready to Ship

PEEpek Hot Dog by Whatshisname

Hind leg up, and spray! PEEpek Hot Dog by Whatshisname is the third colourway of the beloved PEEpek. Part of the ever expanding World of POPIKI, PEEpek Hot Dog was an events exclusive piece in 2018 that is now available online for very limited quantities!

8" Vinyl Toy | US$149.00 | In Stock & Ready to Ship | Click HERE to buy now


For the Pop Culture Fan

The world is overrun with instantly recognisable and widely beloved characters so why not own a piece of pop culture with these collectibles!

XXRAY Shazam

Shazam! made his way into theatres this year and was met with critical and fan acclaim! We caught the movie ourselves and wrote a little review here. The XXRAY Shazam is a must have for any comicbook fan, with its lower price point it makes for an easy gift too! Check out our XXRAY collection of vinyl toys, featuring many pop culture icons!

4" Vinyl Toy | US$19.99 | In Stock & Ready to Ship

I Donut Care by Abell Octovan

A design that needs no introduction, the yellow hand and pink glazed donut is instantly recognisable by everyone all over the world. Put your fingers up and flip-off the world, as you sink your teeth into that delicious donut.

“Kids, just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I’m not listening.”

8" Vinyl Toy | US$129.00 | In Stock & Ready to Ship


What is the MJ Vault?

Most of the items in MJ Vault are pieces that we find in our warehouse, a tiny amount of events exclusive toys from 2018, or safety stock which we keep in case of an exchange. The good part is: all these items are IN STOCK and you'll be able to receive them in a jiffy! But it also means that they are extremely limited in quantity, with some of these toys only available for as low as 5 pieces!

So be sure to grab them at the following timings:

3 JULY, 9AM ET (VIPs ranked Quartermaster and Captain)
4 July, 9AM ET (Everyone)



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