03 Apr 2020

Mighty Month In Review: March

Another month has passed, and what a month March was! Not always in the best way considering all that is going on in the world, but we're gona put those thoughts aside for a bit and distract ourselves with some toys.

We dropped a total of 6 toys in March, let's take a revisit and maybe you might want to get 1 or 2 for yourself!


The second colourway of the popular Anti-Supremacy bust from Abell Octovan kicked off our March! A sleek black bust with unique grey veining, dipped in red for a unique dual tone finish. There's really nothing quite like it.

Anti-Supremacy (The Vehemence) was released for 24 hours only. Want to get one but missed the release? Put it on your wishlist using the "Email When Available" function on the top right of the page. IF there are any spares, we'll let you know.

Click HERE to make a wish for it


I Will Never Le(t)Go by ilovedoodle returned in a unique third colourway with the Icy Clear edition! Rounding off the classic colours of the brick toys, but with an added twist - they're clear! You can look through them! How adorable is that?

Have the other 2 colourways of the cute brick toys? Did you know you could do THIS with them. How fun!

I Will Never Le(t)Go (Icy Clear) is available for order now, click HERE.


The final colourway of our iconic collaboration with Quiccs - MerTEQ (God Mode). Bringing a Quiccs spin to the Singapore icon, God Mode levels up the piece with a classic and stylish black and gold paintjob.

MerTEQ (God Mode) was limited to 300 pieces only in the world, and they all sold out during the launch weekend!


The ever popular XXRAY Plus Sesame Street family has grown with the addition of the XXRAY Plus Oscar The Grouch!

Dissected not only to reveal Oscar's anatomy but also his best pal Slimey, and perhaps most importantly, his trash can! Always wondered what lay inside? Now you don't have to, all is revealed. The image above is of our sample production piece. How great does it look?!

We took a look at our favourite Oscar the Grouch moments HERE, did your favourite make our list?

The XXRAY Plus Oscar The Grouch is available for order now.
Click HERE to get yours!


Brick Baby returned on the final weekend of March in a special Jiangshi edition! Inspired by traditional folklore of the Jiangshi - also known as a hopping vampire/zombie, our 5th Brick Baby hops about bringing the chills with him.

Learn more about Jiangshis with Brick Baby Jiangshi HERE.

Wanna be the proud parent of Brick Baby Jiangshi?
Order yours HERE before it sells out!

Woodworked A Wood Awakening

Released on the last day of March, A Wood Awakening returned in wood! Finally matching his name *wink*

The premium Black Walnut art piece was released on for 24 hours only. Premiumworked is home to exclusive and time-limited premium releases made from the finest materials.

Missed the release? Follow Premiumworked on Instagram to keep up with other premium releases.


March also marked a worsening of the coronavirus outbreak all over the world. Spending money on new toys would probably be the last thing on your mind now, so we've come up with some stuff you could do at home (with your collection!) while you keep yourself safe at home.

Read the post HERE.


With April now underway, we have some exciting new product launches coming up! Look at the photo below, what do you think is coming?




Stay tuned to our social media pages for the reveal!

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Most importantly, be sure to take care of yourself. Always practice good hygiene, wash your hands with soap, and see a doctor if you're unwell. Don't go to work and stay home if you need to.

Remember to be kind to one another. Stay healthy!

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