16 May 2017

Mighty Jaxx Recap: Thailand Toy Expo 2017


For a couple of years now, the team over here at Mighty Jaxx has been attending the Thailand Toy Expo in Bangkok, Thailand, religiously. With no exceptions this year,  our team managed to pull off four days of madness in the land of thousand smiles. As usual, the event was packed with leaders and big names in the industry. Standing amidst the chaos and crowd, it is no wonder to feel a little overwhelmed with all the sculptures, toys and artworks surrounding you. You will need a moment or two for your mind to process the grandeur of the event and take in the splendour.

So here's a shoutout to all our Thai friends & family, and of course our new friends (yes we’re looking at you, Picky) not forgetting our die-hard fans that have helped made our Bangkok experience an unforgettable one.

Didn’t make it to the Thailand Toy Expo 2017? We got you covered with this photo recap.




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