05 Dec 2019

Mighty Jaxx Christmas Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us! Thinking about all the log cakes and hams we are gona eat has us feeling a certain way. Are you still searching for the special gift for your friends or loved ones?

How about getting them a limited edition collectible? It'll truly be something special. We've a whole collection of products that are in stock and ready-to-ship, place your order by 11 Dec* to get it by Christmas! 


We've selected a couple of our favourites that we think will make for a wonderful gift, check them out below:

With that office party coming up and the yearly secret Santa gift exchange happening, maybe you were unlucky and drew the person you barely know, are you scrambling to look for the right gift? 

Our selection of stocking stuffers are the best gifts for anyone! From the colleague you just met to the nephew and nieces you don't understand, these will put a smile on anyone's faces.


How about a little festive themed gift? Panda Ink: Jolly is quite possibly the cutest Christmas tree you'll come across this holiday season! With his little bell, ring in the festive cheer with this Christmas perfect gift.

4" PVC Art Toy // $40.00 // Buy Now


The ever popular and timeless Sesame Street characters can never go wrong! Available in a fun hidden version, you won't even know which version you're giving away. Double the fun for both you and the receiver if you ask us!

4" Vinyl Art Toy // $12.99 per Single Box // $155.88 per Case // Buy Now

Tired of gifting jewellery and watches? Looking for something a little more special that shows your love more than a cold piece of jewellery ever could? Switch it up this Christmas with these gifts for the special someone in your lives!


Keeping your hands off your special someone isn't easy, especially in the holiday air filled with warmth. Cuddle them and gift this adorable hugging pair to show your unwavering love for each other.

8" ABS Art Toy // $129.00 // Buy Now

HUMPek (Rose Gold)

Don't look at us like that! You know we know! ;) Mistletoes are soooo 2001. Spice up your holidays with a cheeky something for your partner. Keep is classy with the hinting, HUMPek (Rose Gold) is the way to go!

10" Vinyl Art Toy // $169.00 // Buy Now

There's so much fun to be had with getting your hands-on on something, its even more fun when you get to take part in the process of building it. No matter how small, the pride you derive from finishing something is like no other. Here are some gift ideas for the people who love to assemble some stuff!


Add a little holiday glow with the Balloon Dog Anatomy (GID)! The ever popular art toy made its return this year in a special glow-in-the-dark colourway. Assemble this glow-y boy and never fear the dark again! 

8" ABS Art Toy // $79.00 // Buy Now


Adorable or creepy? That's up to you to decide! All we know is that is so much hands-on fun to assemble this Gummi Bear! We didn't know Gummi Bears had a skeleton, and we're betting most others don't. It'll be a pleasant surprise for anyone to learn about this, so gift awayyyy!

8.5" ABS Art Toy // Available in a Variety of Colours // $45.00 // Buy Now

Some times we just need to slow down a little and enjoy life. How about slowing things down this festive season? Soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the lights and sights, there's really no time like the end of the year. Here are some gift ideas to calm the mind and soothe the soul:


Just looking at this piece transports us into a state of calm with its beautiful sunrise gradient and soft approachable look. Imagine lying on your side as you watch the flames flicker in the fireplace as you snuggle up in a fort of blankets and the soft hum of Christmas music blankets you in a state of tranquility.

7" Resin Art Toy // $150 // Buy Now


Depending on who you ask, fishing is probably one of the most calming activities you can take part in. While this panda might not be all that lucky with his catch, it's still an adorable looking one doing an activity that some people really really enjoy. It's bound to bring a smile on their faces!

4" PVC Art Toy // $40.00 // Buy Now

There's still plenty to check out over on the Mighty Jaxx webstore! If none of these picks interest you, you just might find a little something else in our collection.

Shop the In-Stock collection HERE.

Place your orders for any in stock product by 11 Dec* to receive them by Christmas! Don't wait, shop now!


* Disclaimer: We will do everything we can to ship out all your in-stock orders in time to reach you by Christmas. However, due to heavy traffic during the holiday season, there may be delays in shipment that are out of our control. In such cases, we regret to say that we are unable to refund the order. But hey, a gift is still great even if it's a few days late!



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