02 Oct 2020

Mighty Jaxx Anniversary Recap

Our anniversary month might be over, but things don't stop here at Mighty Jaxx! Lets take a look at everything that we did during our birthday month!

We kicked off our birthday month with the introduction of our VIP mascot - Captain Jaxx! Captain Jaxx will follow you through your journey on the Mighty Assembly VIP Programme. Expect to see more of Captain Jaxx, along with more VIP exclusive goodies in the coming months!

Unsure what's in store for you as a VIP, or how to become a VIP? Click HERE to find out more and kick start your journey as a Mighty Adventurer!

Give a Mighty yo-ho to Captain Jaxx!

If you shopped on the Mighty Jaxx webstore during September, you were entitled to receive free gifts as part of our anniversary celebrations! With so many exciting drops, from the return of Dissected POPek to the Life-Size Elmo, it was quite an exciting month.

Who can say no to an exclusive pin set and A Wood Awakening (Bronze) key chain?! Both were made available in limited quantities, and the A Wood Awakening (Bronze) key chain was only claimable through this promotion. It's a truly exclusive piece, if you got it you're one of the lucky ones!

Some fan favourite pieces made a return in Captain Jaxx's Secret Stash during the month. How did the secret stash work? Every Monday in September, Captain Jaxx brought back a few highly sought after pieces, some were exclusive to VIPs only - it really pays to be a VIP!

Every piece was extremely limited and they sold out in minutes! It was a once in a blue moon type of opportunity to get sold out pieces and you guys made sure you took the chance. What pieces should Captain Jaxx bring back to the MJ Vault? Let us know on social media!

Another reason September was a special month? We launched our first ever platform toy - Lil' Maxx!

Lil' Maxx debuted with a Transformers collection, adapting the designs of the most iconic robots in the world onto the Lil' Maxx silhouette. Featuring 12 characters across 3 different rarity tiers, we are super excited to share them with you. Unfamiliar with the Lil' Maxx x Transformers collection? Click HERE to find out more. Expect more Lil' Maxx in the months to come!

We capped off our anniversary with a very special live stream! Clogtwo, who was the first artist to work with Mighty Jaxx, joined us for an artist interview. We learnt more about his process, how it was like working with Mighty Jaxx from the very first Hell Lotus to the latest Mechasoul Optimus Prime, and many more! Clogtwo also lent his talent into customising Captain Jaxx with his Mechasoul style.

You'll definitely want to watch the stream not just for the interview, but also to catch a glimpse of our many production samples, and peeks of what's more to come! Hit play on the video above!
Our anniversary month might be over, but the exciting releases don't stop! Be sure to keep up with us on social media to stay up-to-date on all our drops:

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