13 Sep 2019


Introducing Mighty Fan Features, where we celebrate you - our fans! Kicking off Mighty Fan Features and hailing from Georgia, USA is Kay Mason - you might know her as @kaymaycreates on Instagram - who regularly tags us in truly gorgeous looking photos. Let's meet the collector! 

How long have you been collecting for?

My first designer vinyl toy purchase was nearly one whole human year ago! I picked up a cheap lot of 9 Dunny’s from a miscellaneous buying/selling app and was hooked from that day on. I had no idea the designer world existed in this capacity and I immediately fell into place here.

How many Mighty Jaxx pieces do you have in your collection? Which is your favourite?

I currently only have a total of 4 Mighty Jaxx pieces; blue Humpek, blue Popek, a pink Peepek on the way (via an early birthday gift courtesy of a dear friend), Jason Freeny's Friendly Fire, and I Donut Care by Mister Abell Octovan. While they’re all obviously strikingly different I'd argue they also share a number of similarities. For instance, *my* collection rule (or rather a pattern I’ve found myself naturally falling into) is the piece must have a whimsical element to it, a nostalgic element to it, entertain a degree of vibrancy, and overall photograph well. Because of these simple guidelines I implement to keep my collection cohesive, its somewhat difficult for me to differentiate the beauty of each individual piece but rather my collection exists symbiotically in tandem, every new piece complimenting its predecessor. But if you had a gun to my head I’d say it’s Freeny's Friendly Fire.

Which Mighty Jaxx piece are you looking forward to most?

Mighty Jaxx is constantly dropping conceptual masterpiece after conceptual masterpiece, it’s almost tough to keep up....both mentally and financially! I’ll kindly note it seems that MJ cautiously curates their artist collective and it shows, but can I pinpoint a “favorite” piece I’m most looking forward to? At the end of the day it would have to be Sentrock’s Bird City Saints figure. It meets all my criteria for a successful toy. It’s character based, vibrant in palette, and nostalgic so it feels familiar but not overdone or borrowed from. I/we missed the preorder for this lovely piece so let’s keep our fingers crossed MJ and Sentrock collaborate in the future!

Which Mighty Jaxx piece do you consider your holy grail?

I have two “the piece that got away” grails. One is perhaps an easy guess, Jason Freeny’s Friendly Fire in the McDonald’s colorway, duh. It’s everything I love in a toy with an added pop culture reference shmushed in, yes please! My runner up is Freeny’s Skull Bomb in pink. I promise I didn’t rig these results, folks, I’m genuinely only realizing Freeny doubled on my grail list.

Tell us your favourite Mighty Jaxx story!

My most recent Mighty Jaxx purchase was my Popek by Sebastian Burdon (Whatshisname). I’ve always been drawn to pop culture and their myriad of references. I find it fascinating that we can communicate through icons and nothing more. I find it even more fascinating that we can take an icon, appropriate it, purposefully misinterpret it to change its conceptual meaning, and quite literally repurpose it. We see fun and facetious examples of this daily in the art/toy world But perhaps one of the more affordable examples of it is the Popiki series. Sebastian takes an already popular image, the balloon dog which is also popularly appropriated by artist Jeff Koons, and puts a flirtatious and somewhat edgy spin on the character. Burdon strikes this difficult balance almost effortlessly in every new piece of the series he releases, because of this I couldn’t keep my hands off and *had* to add his pups to my home!


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All images in this post have been graciously provided by Kay Mason. 



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