27 Jul 2023

Man’s Irresistible Best Friend | Funny Anatomy - Balloon Dog (Honey Edition)

Jason Freeny’s iconic anatomical style receives a (balloon) twist! The new Funny Anatomy takes apart the aesthetic and gives you the power to display it however you want. 

8" Vinyl + ABS Art Toy
Some Assembly Required
Limited Edition
RSP: 59.90 USD


With a translucent casing and removable inner structures (bones, organs, the sky’s the limit), you can have fun 

assembling, disassembling, and reassembling this collectible! Read on to learn more about it.

A Classic Silhouette 

What’s a more iconic balloon dog than the poodle? It’s one of the most basic designs when it comes to balloon sculpting and has become a global icon. 

With its ears, snout, and cute tail that sticks straight up, this doggo is ready to provide tons of amusements at parties, and on your shelves alike. 

A New Dissection

This launch sees Jason Freeny’s signature style in a new light—we’re giving you the chance to dissect your collectibles! The shell opens up giving you direct access to the skeletal structure and organs of the balloon dog.

Take it apart, reassemble it, the choice is yours! Mixing ABS and vinyl, the balloon dog’s shell is translucent, allowing you to throw it. The internals themselves are opaque, allowing you to enjoy its details. 

Kickstarting the New Series

Funny Anatomy Balloon Dog (Honey Edition) is the first in a new series of collectibles. We’re integrating playability into our art toys, giving each piece a sense of playfulness as you put it together.

Yet, the complexity and premium quality remain, from finishing, and materials, to sculpts—thoroughly highlighting the craftsmanship and detailing that goes into each toy. 

Pre-order this collectible now and start your balloon dog collection!





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