13 Dec 2018

Lucky Stars Gather! Feat. Santa Guan

Seems like just yesterday, when the fireworks of NYE2018 lit up the skies. Here we are again, surrounded by the joy of the year-end holiday season and clearing of annual leaves. Time really does fly by quick every year, especially when you're having fun. 

December marks the ending of another great year and the starting of a new one. So this month, we've invited our most joy-bringing, rain-making bunch of toys to give you a lucky boost for 2019! Here are some of our favourite fortune friends and their special lucky powers!

Maneki-Dino Red Edition (Juce Gace)
Distracts video-game rivals and brings extra in-game windfall

The second colorway of Maneki-dino by Juce Gace comes in a bold red that is bound to distract any friends who dare challenge you to a video game match at your place! And there you have it, it's your chance to overtake your friend's cart. And the many coins and lucky stars that he embellishes himself with may even bring you extra coin and loot drops. 


Hambuddha (Buddcafe) by Tik Ka From East

Motivates with the thought of coffee and cakes

A wise man once said,"Tea break can be any time you want it to be", and everything changed. Working can be hard but coffee and cakes make it a more bearable, don't they?

Being the rep for impromptu tea-breaks, Hambuddha (Buddcafe) is here to motivate you daily, reminding you to take a break if you need to, and recharge yourself. It's scientifically proven that happier people work more effeciently and have better luck in basically everything. We like that. 

Santa Guan by Tik Ka From East
Attracts true friends and generous benefactors 

True friends stick through thick and thin together, and that's the kind of friendship Santa Guan would bless you with! Inspired by the loyal and brave Guan Yu, as well as the generous and kind-hearted Santa Claus, Santa Guan combines these two good spirited beings into one epic East-meets-West mashup! You definitely got a friend in Santa Guan!

Santa Guan by Tik Ka From East is releasing on Saturday, 15 Dec, at 9am (NYC) 10pm (SGP) 2pm (LDN) in a limited edition of 300 pcs 


With all that being said, there's nothing better than seeing these guys for yourself. Check out the full collection of Lucky Stars art collectibles here and bring some ding-a-ling good luck home today!


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