26 Sep 2018

Let it drop! Smart Bomb Pink Edition

Do you remember the Untold History of the Smart Bomb? Created by two of the greatest minds of the century, Professor J.F. and Dr. Jaxx, with the help of a freak accident caused by a dimwit, the smart bomb is the world's first and only cure for stupidity! 

Now, fast-forwarding to September 2018, it is apparent that half a century later, stupidity still prevails and threatens the lives of human beings around the world. When kids got burnt by salt and ice, inspired by an internet challenge, and adults risk their lives by hopping out of their cars to dance on the road, the need for the cure of stupidity has become greater than ever in this dire situation... 

Thus, KABOOM! Smart Bomb Pink Edition is created and ready to blow!

Alright, fiction aside, let's take a closer look at this piece of artwork by Jason Freeny. The original Smart Bomb design was first hand-sculpted by the artist himself in 2013, using epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic paint and a thick piece of rope. Earlier on in March 2018, the Smart Bomb was recreated as a vinyl art collectible by us, in an edition of 300. The entire release was quickly snapped up in a few days!

Smart Bomb Pink Edition creates an entirely different mood in contrary to the black Smart Bomb OG. The visceral pink makes it look more like a brain rather than a bomb, and while the colour is softer and cuter, it's ironically more disturbing. And we like it that way! This large vinyl bomb can be displayed on a Mighty Jaxx exclusive display base with a copper-look plaque. 


Look out! We are dropping ONE Smart Bomb Pink from the sky and you might be the one it hits! Head over to THIS LINK on our Facebook page, follow the instructions and you may just win yourself an explosive Smart Bomb Pink by Jason Freeny! Good luck!

The flashier, fleshier, and fresher Smart Bomb Pink Edition by Jason Freeny will be detonated via on 25th September 2018, at 10am EDT. Only 200 pcs available.



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