07 Dec 2022

Key Items in Back to the Future Part 2 x YARMS

The trilogy with a strong cult following, for good reason, Back To The Future is returning to Mighty Jaxx in an exciting Part 2 Edition. Sculpted in the iconic style of YARMS Studio, this series is a follow-up from the first, paying homage to Marty and the Doc in the second film! 

This style by YARMS Studios pulls attention to the things each character is holding, something that defines a critical part of their traits or storyline. Similarly, Back to the Future Part II uses certain objects and props to set the scene and tell certain stories, making them integral to the plot. Follow us as we take a deeper dive into them.

Grays Sports Almanac

The humble sports almanac was used as a plot device to explore the power of the butterfly effect in time travel. Biff Tannen used this future knowledge of sporting results to place bets, making tons of money in the process. This set him up to be a rich, powerful antagonist in the alternate reality 1985.

The Hoverboard

Released in 1989, Back To The Future Part II had to predict technological advancements in 2015—some of which were right and others, completely off, which is definitely part of its charm. One of which was the Hoverboard, a common mode of transportation that worked similarly to a skateboard. 

While hoverboards aren’t easily available today, the predictions give us an interesting glimpse of how the future was perceived during the time period. 


Clothes and accessories are a key part of setting the stage throughout the Back To The Future trilogy, even in-universe. With styles and trends constantly changing from one time period to another, the pair occasionally stand out with their unusual clothing.

In this Part 2 edition, the Doc wears a long yellow raincoat with a red shirt inside. The unique accessory is the silver wraparound glasses he wears on his head that contain an internal display.

Marty, on the other hand, wears clothes that are filled with advanced features. His red jacket is equipped with auto-adjusting, and auto-drying capabilities, while his Nike shoes are self-lacing. These iconic shoes have been recreated by Nike as a tribute to the film!

Marty and Doc Brown are inseparable; the pair’s adventures are what define the films! Back to the Future Part 2 x YARMS is sold as a set—one purchase grants you both characters and their respective items. Join them as they do their best to save the timeline!

7.5” Tall Marty McFly & 8” Tall Doc Brown Vinyl Art Toy 
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