04 Feb 2021

Kaiju's Ramen: Back for Thirds!

Breaking new! Your new favorite purple dinosaur is stomping in soon!

Wreaking havoc is tough, but a rewarding giant bowl of ramen awaits at the end of the wrecked cityscape. Having had his first bowl of original flavour, and his second bowl of nuclear waste, the starving Kaiju is back for thirds. What's more? There's also a Kaiju drawing contest going on! Read on to find out, but first, let's pay some attention to the hungry Kaiju. 

Available 6 Feb 2021, 9am EST

Decked out in bright purple and green this time, Kaiju is looking friendlier than ever. Look at his hat, it even says a sweet "I <3 U" as a pledge of friendship. His motive? To disguise his ever-growing hunger for more, more, more Kaiju's Ramen!
Don't be fooled, this dino bites

Are you wondering what's in that bowl? That's right, it's slime!! While terrorising schools across the unfortunate city, Kaiju has managed to loot a copious amount of slime that the poor children had brought to school! Nothing says "Bad Dino" more than confiscating slime from kids. With that suspicious green slime, Kaiju has found a brand new flavor profile to add to his notorious Kaiju's Ramen.

Slime is prime, slurp it all up!

Now that the damage is done, Kaiju's Ramen (Bad Dino Edition) by Ilustrata joins his previous selves for dinner. Kinda cute, kinda terrifying, absolutely hungry, this latest colorway of Kaiju's Ramen is so ready to enter your vinyl toy collection for some roaring good fun! After all, when he's 7.5" tall, he's what we call a dinosaur sensation.

A casual dinner to discuss the next city to attack

We hope you had fun looking at what's up for the Bad Dino Edition. As we were saying, there is a drawing contest going on! The brilliant artists behind Kaiju's Ramen, Ilustrata, is holding a #drawinyourstyle contest on his Instagram (@ilustrata) and the winner wins an awesome Kaiju's Ramen (Bad Dino Edition) from us!! So if you think that you've got skills to show, stomp across to Ilustrata's instagram and take part in the contest! Contest ends 15 Feb. 

Kaiju's Ramen (Bad Dino Edition) by Ilustrata will be available on on Saturday, 6 Feb, at 9 A.M. EST. Remember to download the Mighty Jaxx App on Google Play or the App Store to get a notification when it drops, so that you don't miss his arrival!



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