03 Jul 2020

Journey Into Wasteland

We've fallen down the rabbit hole... again! Tumbling down back into wasteland, something feels a little different this time. There's a lurid green glow the further we fall, and we can't shake the feeling that someone - or something - is watching us.

Presenting, Alice In Wasteland (Acid Edition) by ABCNT! The highly sought after piece is back in a new colourway. Featuring glow-in-the-dark elements, and at 8.5" tall, this is one eye-catching art toy not to be missed!

Inspired by the iconic colours and pattern of the Cheshire Cat, Alice dons the purple suit. Complete with a mask of the cat's wide reaching grin. Much like the Cheshire Cat, Alice's eyes are now yellow but her dejected expression has not changed.

In her hands she holds a wilted flower, the last of its kind in this electronic wasteland. Green no longer comes from lush forests and wide ranging fields, but only from the toxic glow of waste that surrounds her.

Computers, tyres, clocks, among other things that has taken over her world. Man's obsession with consumerism has corrupted wonderland and what's left of it is dying in her hands.

The broken TV behind her springs to life! The Cheshire Cat makes an appearance, his wide stare and equally wide grin keeps watch of Alice's journey. Or maybe its the madness of it all that has brought him here?

Our never ending need for more has ruined wonderland. Still we continue to want more and we waste more. We know we need to protect what little is left but we can't seem to stop ourselves... I guess we're all mad here.

Alice In Wasteland (Acid Edition) by ABCNT will be available for order on 4 July, 9am EST. The 8.5" polystone art toy features glow-in-the-dark parts.

$299 with free shipping worldwide // Limited Edition

Read the Mighty Jaxx team's interpretation of Alice In Wasteland HERE.



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