08 Sep 2022

Jason Freeny’s Secret Stash: Back for a Limited Time

Who says biology can’t be fun? Through Jason Freeny’s work, we get a glimpse into the anatomy of popular characters and cultural icons!

From 10 to 16 September, we’re bringing back some of his rare favorites, in-stock. Here are some of his iconic pieces making a return:

XXRAY Plus: Princess Celestia by Jason Freeny

Did you know that the majestic ruler of Equestria herself, Princess Celestia is not a unicorn? She’s an Alicorn—a mix between a Pegasus and Unicorn! Take a peek into her physiology with this super popular Jason Freeny collectible!

XXPOSED Spongebob Squarepants by Jason Freeny

Sponges simply don’t have the ability to move. Yet, Spongebob Squarepants uses the power of cartoon physics to make it possible. This Jason Freeny collectible gives Spongebob a “scientifically accurate” body structure to match his figure so that he can enjoy his favorite hobby: Jellyfishing!

Immaculate Confection: Gummi Fetus (Blue Raspberry Edition) by Jason Freeny

Jason Freeny goes by the handle @gummifetus on Instagram, inspiring one of his special, non-X-Ray pieces. The hand-sculpted collectible brings utero fetal development for gummy bears to life! Resembling a medical display in a doctor’s room, the gummy bear’s umbilical cord remains attached to its body.

Stand a chance to meet Jason Freeny in the flesh!

Want to get an inside look at the master artist himself? Stand a chance to win a meet-and-greet session with him!* All orders from the Secret Stash will automatically qualify you for this up-and-personal opportunity!

*This session will be held during November, in Singapore.


Science meets art in Jason Freeny’s Secret Stash. Stay tuned for its limited-time opening from 10 to 16 September here: 



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