28 Feb 2022

It’s Mr. Monopoly’s Day Off

Fast-dealing with property takes a lot out of you but sure did accumulate Mr. Monopoly massive amounts of wealth. Today, he’s decided to take the day off, his first in 87 years! It’s a bougie day off and you’re invited, join us below and take the day OFF_WERK.

OFF_WERK Mr. Monopoly

A Mighty Jaxx Original Concept: OFF_WERK

We are all familiar with what our favorite characters do day in and day out. SpongeBob flips burgers at the Krusty Krab, Optimus Prime leads the Autobots in protecting the earth from the Decepticons, and Mr. Monopoly runs his property empire. But what do they do when the day is done? When they finally have some me-time?

A Mighty Jaxx original concept, OFF_WERK explores the lives of the world’s most famous characters in their free time. You’ve already met OFF_WERK G.I. Joe Snake Eyes, this week, the second phygital collectible of the series joins the collection and it's none other than…

OFF_WERK Mr. Monopoly

OFF_WERK Mr. Monopoly OFF_WERK Mr. Monopoly

He knows the property game inside and out, and he might have been the one to write the rule book on the property game. After 87 years of running the show, he finally takes a day off. Swapping out his sophisticated tuxedo for a comfortable robe with nothing but a plain tee and boxers under, he’s all-in on the do-nothing mood of the day.

OFF_WERK Mr. Monopoly OFF_WERK Mr. Monopoly

Even when he’s underdressed he makes sure to be prosperous-looking, can’t have people thinking he’s worth any less than he actually is! With his top hat and walking cane, and the trusty Monopoly dog by his side, he takes a walk around his properties in style.

Coming Soon, 5 March, 9 am ET

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Order OFF_WERK Mr. Monopoly from 5 March, 9 am ET for $69 only. Ships worldwide!

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