15 Dec 2021

Introducing OFF_WERK G.I. Joe Snake Eyes

Don’t you just love a day off? Unburdened by expectations from work and being able to be as lazy or as active as you want to be. If you do, you’re gonna love our brand new series, OFF_WERK!

Take Time OFF_WERK

We are all familiar with what our favorite heroes do day in and day out. SpongeBob flips burgers at the Krusty Krab, Optimus Prime leads the Autobots in protecting the earth from the Decepticons, and Mr. Monopoly runs his property empire. But what do they do when the day is done? When they finally have some me-time?

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A Mighty Jaxx original concept, OFF_WERK explores the lives of the world’s most famous characters in their free time. Be sure to check out our behind-the-scenes concept video for OFF_WERK, coming soon to our YouTube Channel!

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OFF_WERK G.I. Joe Snake Eyes

The series launches with our first-ever G.I. Joe figurine - Snake Eyes! A master of ninjutsu and a master swordsman, hand to hand combatant, and marksman. Effortlessly using both traditional and modern weaponry during combat, he executes amazing athletic feats and moves with great agility during combat.

Off_Werk GI Joe Snake Eyes

Now, he uses this agility to move from bed to couch. Get some downtime with the fiercest combatant of the G.I. Joe, whether you want to tend to some bonsai or chat over a cup of joe, swap out the interchangeable parts for a day off of your choice. No matter your pick, Snake Eyes is down!

Available from 18 December, 9 am ET

Off_Werk GI Joe Snake Eyes Release Banner

The mask never comes off even on an off day! Snake Eyes is making the most of his day off and he wants you to join him. Put on those fluffy slippers and bring OFF_WERK G.I. Joe Snake Eyes home from 18 December, 9 am ET.

$69 // 6.5” Vinyl art collectible // Ships worldwide

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