11 Aug 2020

Introducing Mechasoul Optimus Prime

In 2019, we released the MechaSoul Hand with Clogtwo and Casio. This year, we're back with a new MechaSoul. This time in collaboration with Clogtwo and Transformers, meet the MechaSoul Optimus Prime!

With a focus on intricate mechanical designs and components, Clogtwo's MechaSoul revolves around the ideology of the psychological bond between mankind and technology.

Perhaps no character fits the MechaSoul ideology better than Optimus Prime - leader of the Autobots and protector of mankind.

Featuring the detailed mechanical style of MechaSoul, the MechaSoul Optimus Prime features intricate wiring detail and battle hardened armour. Peep under the chest piece of your MechaSoul Optimus Prime to glimpse the crazy wire detailing.

At 10" wide and 6.5" tall, the MechaSoul Optimus Prime is a behemoth of a bust. Made from premium polystone, this is a distinct centerpiece like no other and an absolute must have for any Transformers fan.

The MechaSoul Optimus Prime also features light up eyes for that intense glowering look. Check out the image above, the level of detailing on the bust is crazy! Clogtwo's MechaSoul style really lends itself well to Optimus Prime.

Mechasoul Optimus Prime is available for order from 12 Aug at 9am EST.

$359 with free shipping worldwide

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