18 Oct 2019

Interpreting Alice In Wasteland

You probably already know ABCNT from our Bitchy Rich figures. This week he's back with the all new Alice In Wasteland, based on the fine art print of the same name. 

Art, as we know, is subjective. We all take different things away from each work. Art can inspire, it can provoke, it can question. We asked the Mighty Jaxx team for their interpretations of Alice In Wasteland, read them below! 

A lack of education on the proper ways of disposal and recycling of such e-waste contributes to an ever growing problem of waste and pollution. Forests get cut down and in their place stand huge factories, the earth is mined for precious metals that help these devices tick. Old devices pile at land fills as we change to shiny new ones. Alice In Wasteland is a visual representation of the waste filled near future. Sitting in a pile of e-waste, Alice holds a dying stem of flower with great sadness in her eyes. The earth is full of natural wonder and when it all gets replaced with waste, will we still look at the world with wonder or will we only feel sadness for what was? 


Alice in Wonderland is all about plants and greenery. Alice in Wasteland feels like a contrast of that, depicting a dejected Alice in a computerised world. 

Alice In Wasteland is an expression of juxtaposition that's almost ironic. The story of Alice is that she goes down a rabbit hole and keeps discovering all these beautiful places, eventually maybe, coming out into a Wasteland where everything is in a million pieces. Maybe she expected her journey to take her to another magical world? Stepping back and looking at the entire picture, it reflects the biggest global environmental issue right now - which is the pollution of waste leading to growth of mountainous landfills. Assuming that Alice portrays the Earth and is sitting in between all the trash, she is sad and disappointed because humans are destroying her (also visible in her tattered & hopeless look). 

The imagery of Alice in Wasteland struck a chord in my brain by bringing up all the dreams I'd hope to achieve when I was a naive young kid, when the idea of "dreams are worth more than money" still made sense. In my skewed perspective, Alice has always represented the idea of dreams and juxtaposing it with a wasteland simply reminds me of all the dreams that's gone to waste. Be it within your control or not, I believe we've all learnt to let go of dreams we've once strived to achieve. As priorities evolve as you age, like it or not, these aspirations gradually fill the wasteland of our minds.

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