11 Jan 2023

In-A-Nutshell: A Recap of Mighty Jaxx’s 2022!

In a blink of an eye, 2022 has passed and we’re grateful for all the love our amazing supporters like you have brought.

For us, 2022 has been a year of building on the strong foundations set in 2021. We’ve expanded our offerings in Mighty Jaxx, Mighty AllStars, and Mighty Meta, bringing more partners, collectibles, and projects to life across fandoms!

Here’s a quick look at some of the key stats:

• 65 product launched

• 6 new artists debut

• 9 FunBoxx series’ created

 14 Mighty Meta projects executed

• 5 exciting Mighty Meta partners

• 16 Erling Haaland EPL goals since his launch on Mighty AllStars

     We’re also announcing the results of the Mighty Jax 2022 Awards!

    Most Popular: Breakout by Matt Bailey

    This beautiful, symbolic collectible is highly relatable, tackling themes like the pain of a breakup and the inner turmoil it brings.

    Rookie of the Year: CROM

    Making his debut with the BirdKing figurine, this highly talented artist brings the main character from his new comic book series to life in an intricately crafted sculpt!

    Most Popular Mighty AllStars F1 Driver: Lewis Hamilton

    A living legend, Lewis Hamilton continues to capture the hearts of his many supporters, both on and off the roads! Sculpted in the style of YARMS, the collectible is a tribute to one of the all-time greats.

    Best Mighty Labs Employee: CHXMP

    This year we launched the adventures of the MightyVerse and leading the Mighty Labs in this fictitious universe is our new BAYC, CHXMP. A generational genius, he is tasked to find out what’s creating fluctuations in space-time. His story comes to life in 2023—look out for that!

    While we celebrate the achievements in 2022 this year-end, we’re also excitedly anticipating the coming year! The possibilities and potential are endless and we can’t wait to bring about new ways you can interact with each fandom!

    New collectibles, new artists, new experiences, new services—stay tuned for an exciting year as we push the boundaries of collectibles!


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