16 Oct 2020

I Donut Care About This Retrospective! feat. I Donut Care (Spooky Edition)

You sure do love sinking your teeth into these donuts, and we can't blame you! The iconic I Donut Care by Abell Octovan is such an iconic and distinct piece, its hard to not love.

This week, I Donut Care returns in a new colourway - the Spooky Edition! Let's take a closer look at the new Spooky Edition, and a look back on all the I Donut Cares that have been released.

The one and only original! Released way back in 2018, this classic piece remains a highly sought after favourite till this day! This plump yellow hand balancing a sweet donut while flippin’ an unapologetic middle finger at all the naysayers of the world is the perfect statement piece for anyone who simply ran out of f*cks to give.

That's enough calorie counting! I Donut Care returned in a classic black and gold colourway with the snazzy Champagne Edition. Putting a classy spin on the statement piece, we flipped off the naysayers with this sophisticated treat.

Working at a nuclear plant does have its side effects... We learnt that with the I Donut Care (Radioactive Glow)! Radiation made it blue, and turned the donut green, plus you'll never miss this guy in the dark cos he glows!

Did you know?

If you use a negative camera (or a negative camera app) on this colourway of I Donut Care, it'll transform into the original I Donut Care.

And that brings us to the newest colourway! Meet I Donut Care (Spooky Edition), launching in time for Halloween. Featuring a special glow-in-the-dark skeleton, and a yummy fly and maggot sprinkled donut, this Halloween piece leaves a strong impression.

Waste no time getting tricked, flip them off with the eerie skeleton as you enjoy the delicious treat. What do you think the donut glaze is made of? Smooshed brains, or minced organs?

Order I Donut Care (Spooky Edition) by Abell Octovan for $129 with free shipping worldwide!

8" vinyl art toy // Glows-in-the-Dark // Pre-Order


Food (Donut rather) for thought!

Who do you think would win in a fight? I Donut Care or Donut Bomber?

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