15 Jul 2020

How To Win The Golden Liu Sha Meow

If you watched our YouTube Live Unboxing of the Nyan Sum collection, or even followed us on Instagram, you would know of the existence of a Golden Liu Sha Meow! There is only one in the whole world and there is no way to purchase this golden chonky kitty - you can only win him.

So how do you win yourself the one-of-a-kind, gold-plated, Golden Liu Sha Meow? Inside a single Nyan Sum blindbox, a golden ticket has been hidden! The lucky finder of this golden ticket will receive the Golden Liu Sha Meow.

We don't know which blindbox this golden ticket is hidden in, and we don't know where it'll end up. It could end up in any of the 195 countries in the world, and in a world of 8 billion people, getting this golden ticket is truly something special!

So be sure to try your luck in getting the Golden Liu Sha Meow by ordering yourself the Nyan Sum blindbox. You'd never know, it just might be in your lucky order!

The Nyan Sum Kittens are in need of a forever home, and you could provide that! Bring them home and let them shower you with kitty-dim sum love everyday, featuring 6 main Nyan Sum (pictured above), 2 rares, and an ultra rare, the blindbox collection is available for order from 15 Jul, 9am EST.

Each Nyan Sum is made from vinyl + PVC and comes with a little display plate. You could bring one home, or you could bring a whole tray of 12 blindboxes back! Every tray of 12 comes with a display tray and a special Nyan Sum booklet - while stocks last!


Nyan Sum by Nyammy Treats available now!
$10.99/pc (payable shipping)
$131.88/tray of 12 (free shipping)


Follow the adventures of the Nyan Sum kittens on Instagram!

Download our free Nyan Sum Telegram Sticker pack HERE.

Read more about the Nyan Sum HERE and HERE.


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