26 Nov 2020

How Tall Is A Supersized A Wood Awakening?

10" might have been nice, but 20" is divine. 

Supersized A Wood Awakening returns in the fan favourite Classic colourway for 24 hours this Black Friday!

One year on from the BFCM release of the A Wood Awakening (Classic Edition), our favourite puppet has grown in size.

The Supersized line of figures that blows up your favourite Mighty Jaxx toys into epic proportions, the Supersized A Wood Awakening stands at 50cm tall from head to toe, more than double the size of the original!

Ever wondered just how tall the Supersized A Wood Awakening is?

Check out our video to see how he compares to every day items!


 Soak in all 20" of the Supersized A Wood Awakening (Classic Edition) and his (morning) glory. 

Order Supersized A Wood Awakening (Classic Edition) by Juce Gace on 27 November from 9am EST. Available for 24 hours only, $699 with free shipping worldwide.
20" tall premium vinyl art toy // Black Friday exclusive// 24 hours timed release


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