01 Dec 2022

Haunted Attractions with Mr. Twisty (Spooky Edition) by Jason Freeny

Do you hear that creepy mechanical sound in the background? Mr. Twisty by Jason Freeny is back in a Spooky Edition. Dressed up in a sinister purple-green combo, this collectible screams haunted! Spot the weird goo oozing out from its base.

Mr. Twisty (Spooky Edition) by Jason Freeny is heavily inspired by haunted attractions that have taken the world by storm. Here are some of the more popular ones around today!

Haunted Houses

The classic haunted house—visitors have to walk through a pre-planned indoor space and make it out on the other side. Elaborate props, effects, and costumed actors are used to create frightening set pieces.

Haunted houses are becoming more and more realistic as technology advances; animatronics, special effects, and illusions are some of the areas that have benefited tremendously.

Dark Mazes

An almost pitch-black maze with multiple dead ends, visitors have to navigate to the exit—all while keeping their wits amidst non-stop scares! Definitely not one for the faint of heart, this spooky attraction will definitely get your adrenaline pumping. 

Oftentimes, these mazes will contain ropes that visitors can hold on to find the exit, in the event that they are unable to find their way out.


A haunted theme park, also known as “Screampark”, features all the bells and whistles of a normal amusement park—from attractions to roving actors to food stalls—but with a spooky twist. Most times, they take place in actual theme parks that are converted during the Halloween season.

Are you ready to take this spooky ride for a spin? Pre-order Mr. Twisty (Spooky Edition) by Jason Freeny today!

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