14 Jul 2021

Global Warning (Inked Edition): Encapsulating Kerby Rosanes' Signature Style

Global Warning (Inked Edition)

Eschewing color and allowing line work the stage to tell his story, illustrator Kerby Rosanes’ ink-based artworks are famous for their intricacy. The strong contrast of black ink on white makes colors unnecessary, allowing us to revel in the details of his works.

When we first saw the original Global Warning artwork, we were taken away by Rosanes’ style. On what inspires him to capture so much detail in his works, he says that he is “inspired by the intricacies of textures and patterns we see in the natural world”, read more in our Artist Interview here.

Global Warning Artwork

To bring the artwork to life as a polystone collectible, the layers of the piece are achieved through a double casting method whereby the opaque skull and bear are cast within the ice.

This weekend, Global Warning returns in its second colorway, the Inked Edition. Paying homage to the ink-based nature of the original artwork, the second colorway of this magnificent piece brings the contrast of Rosanes’ works onto the collectible.

Global Warning (Inked Edition)Global Warning (Inked Edition)Global Warning (Inked Edition)

With its stencil-like paintwork and monochromatic finish, Global Warning (Inked Edition) not only translates the beauty of the ink artwork but also the message behind the piece.

Originally designed in 2015, Global Warning was Rosanes’ way of raising awareness of the dire effects of climate change - especially on polar bears and the Arctic. With polar bears facing extinction, the skull in the piece could be interpreted as their impending fate, but Rosanes says it “symbolizes various human activities that contribute to this problem and that we humans can also suffer from its consequences”.

Global Warning (Inked Edition) Release Banner

Global Warning (Inked Edition) by Kerby Rosanes launches for 24 hours only on 17 July, 9 am EST.

Read our Artist Interview with Kerby Rosanes here.

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