12 May 2021

Getaway with A Wood Awakening and BFF

After leaving the carnival, the donkey-eared real boy and his BFF have been scanning the map to find somewhere that promises more sunshine and sea breeze! Delighted to have found the perfect spot, the two packed their suitcases to get ready for a getaway that they will never forget...


Where Will Our Adventure Take Us Next?


It's been a while since we last saw A Wood Awakening Donkey and his little BFF! This week, the two decided that they can't be too hard on themselves, so they signed up for a weekend vacay! The duo picked flower-print shirts that complement the hues of the tropical sunset, and beach shorts that are as blue as the ocean, specially for this occasion! Look, they even prepared sunglasses, now who's ready for this beach party with A Wood Awakening Donkey (BFF Getaway Edition)?


11.5" Vinyl Art Toy, 3" BFF // 24-Hour Time Limited Edition // Free Shipping Worldwide


A Wood Awakening Donkey (BFF Getaway Edition) by Juce Gace launches Saturday, 15 May, 9am EST, for 24 hours only! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to notified so that you'll never miss a release!


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