06 Jun 2019

Get that perfect bowl with Kaiju's Ramen

The King of the Monsters stomped its way into cinemas this past weekend and our very own King of Ramen wants in on the action! Now Kaiju's Ramen isn't interested in fighting other Kaijus, but he wants to bring about Kaiju peace with his delicious bowls of ramen. With a penchant for annihilation, let's find out what makes his ramen tick!

1. The Perfect Broth

Ramen is nothing without a broth! A flavourful broth makes all the difference between a bowl that soothes your soul and one that sets your atomic breath aflame. Time to go hunting for some Manekis! Their tender meat gives the broth a flavourful punch, let it stew for a day for that extra kick. Keep some slices of meat aside for that yummy bite!

2. The Perfect Egg

Ramen isn't complete without an egg. Kaiju's Ramen uses the special Yolkels for a gooey surprise. Crack it open and watch the little one run out into a piping hot bowl of soup.

3. The Perfect Garnish

Destroyed a city? Feeling bad for the humans that have to clean up after you, especially with their small hands? Pick up some buildings and add it to your ramen for the extra crunch. Yumz! 

4. The Perfect Side

Whet your appetites with an appetiser! Kaiju's Ramen recommends getting a lil cup of Eastern Egg to kick start your meal. Light on your belly, but packing a flavourful punch, Eastern Egg is the perfect way to get your appetite going.

Now with the perfect bowl of Kaiju's Ramen, you can keep monsters happy and maybe even save your homes from the dreaded foot. Foster kaiju peace with a tasty bowl ramen, full of essential nutrients, no Kaiju can turn it down. You know what they say; happy stomach, happy life! 

Get your own Kaiju's Ramen by Ilustrata today! Available now on, the 7.5" designer vinyl collectible is ready to cook you the perfect bowl of ramen. Get yours now for US$150.00 with free shipping worldwide! 


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