09 Feb 2023

Gaze at pictures of the floating world with SyndiCats: Nyakuza (Ukiyo-E Edition)

Japan’s most dangerous felines are back—SyndiCats Nyakuza! They have their paws in all underground activities and aren’t afraid to show their strength.

The latest member of the kitty gang is adorned with a stunning display of Ukiyo-E-inspired tattoos. Holding on to his trusty tantō (Japanese short sword), this cat is fierce and confident, holding on to a strong honor code. Find out more about the design below. 

Intricate Tattoos 

The term “ukiyo” directly translates to “floating world” and is used to describe a hedonistic lifestyle. As the city of Edo (Tokyo) saw rapid economic growth, the chōnin class at the bottom of the social order were able to indulge in various activities in the pleasure district: kabuki theaters, geishas, and courtesans for example. 

The higher spending power also allowed the chōnin class to decorate their home with Ukiyo-E art—popular subjects for these woodblock prints and paintings are female beauties, scenes from folktales, and nature. The tattoos take inspiration from this art style, with the powerful Mount Fuji being its main subject.

The Tantō 

One of the traditionally made Japanese blades, they were mainly used by the samurais during the feudal Japan period. Over time, the design has evolved, becoming more decorative and complex. 

There are two main components: the blade and the mountings (koshirae). The design of the blade is the same as one held by the original SyndiCats: Nyakuza—a symbol of their brotherhood. 

A Rain Cape

SyndiCats: Nyakuza (Ukiyo-E Edition) also wears a cape. Adapted from those worn by Portuguese missionary priests in the sixteenth century, these styles of capes were used by high-ranking samurai early on, though their use had spread to commoners traveling by the eighteenth century. 

This semicircle-shaped cape is made up of 18 pieces of cotton plain weave and is interlined with paper to provide additional warmth

Are you ready to tame the untamable? Pre-orders for the dangerously confident SyndiCats: Nyakuza (Ukiyo-E Edition) open soon!

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