27 Oct 2020

Fun Facts with XXRAY Plus Garfield

The world famous orange tabby cat joins the XXRAY family this week with the release of the XXRAY Plus Garfield! How well do you know the iconic feline? Aside from Garfield being head over heels for lasagna and having a love/hate relationship with the dog Odie, here are some fun facts about Garfield you might not already know.

Garfield's design has changed over the years

Believe it or not, Garfield did not always look so approachable! The character has gone through a few redesigns over the years, check out the character's design over the years in the photo below, courtesy of

The world's most syndicated comic strip

Garfield holds the record for the most syndicated comic strip. Syndication refers to different news publication purchasing a comic's license and publishing it in their own papers.

Garfield and the Ghostbusters share 2 common threads

Both Garfield and the Ghostbusters share 2 threads in the form of Bill Murray and Lorenzo Music. Both actors have played/voiced Garfield the cat and Peter Venkman in the Ghostbusters.

The XXRAY Plus Garfield is the first-of-its-kind dissected Garfield figure you can order! We spared no expense capturing Garfield's likeness, from his huge eye sockets to the little fur details on his back. We all know Garfield loves his lasagna, and its been included in the figure's design as a little easter egg! 

Considering how much lasagna he eats, we thought it would be super fun to replace his intestines with this cheesy layered dish. Yums! Also, don't miss the little detailing of melted cheese oozing out of his rib cage.

XXRAY Plus Garfield can be ordered from 28 Oct, 9am EST.

8" tall dissected art toy // $149 with free shipping // Ships worldwide

Let us know on social media... should we do a dissected Odie?

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