09 Jun 2021

Finding Inner Peace on Kiri Mountain

Mai, Mai, Mai, what do we have here?

As the thick layers of fog clear, a cosy cabin awaits atop a smiling mountain. Love, joy, serenity fills your soul as you ascend to the little cabin. A quiet calm fills you, you’re finally here. You’ve arrived at Kiri Mountain.

Known for her whimsical and expressive creatures, Mai Accents’ creations have adored the world over. Her ceramics arts have brought about joy to countless, every design thoughtfully crafted to add a little colour to our spaces.

Mighty Jaxx is putting a brand new spin on Mai Accent’s creations. Circus Pug Lamp has lit up your lives with all its pudgy adorableness. This week, we introduce Kiri Mountain (Incense Chamber) a charming piece to bring a little quiet serenity to your space.

The lovable smile of Kiri Mountain is like that of a friend happy to see you. Place incense cones into Kiri Mountain and let tranquillity wash over as you watch smoke waft out of the cosy cabin atop the collectible and lose yourself in the hand-painted details of the premium porcelain piece. 

Maybe the serene mountainscape doesn’t do much for you, and you’re more of a cuddly-chucklesome kinda person. Guess what? Kiri Mountain (Incense Chamber) comes with interchangeable toppers, swap out the cabin for an onsen with a pug! 

Trade smoke rising from a chimney for a pug living its best life in a steamy onsen, just look at it! 

No matter the topper you choose, this incense chamber collectible is your best friend on your journey to self-relaxation. With an endearing smile, calm colours, the gentle undulation of smoke, cosy cabin (or adorable pug!), there’s much to love with Kiri Mountain (Incense Chamber).

We’re off for a little relaxation, come join us.

Kiri Mountain (Incense Chamber) is a 7.5” high-gloss porcelain incense chamber, finished with hand-painted details. Bring some charm to your me-time on 12 June at 9 am EST. Limited edition of 300 pieces only.

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When using the incense chamber, refrain from touching the surface as it is hot and may cause burns. Do not use more than 2 incense cones at one time, learn how to safely use an incense chamber on our FAQ.


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