15 Aug 2018

Fifty Shades of HUMPek *GIVEAWAY*

HUMPek by the London-based artist, Whatshisname, is back in action this week in a brand new colorway. This kinky duo is rocking our world with its gorgeous black and white color, with a befitting name: HUMPek Ebony and Ivory!

The black versions, as well as the white version, of the other POPIKI dogs (POPek and PEEpek) are the two of the most highly sought after colorways now since both have completely sold out. Yes, we still get lots of emails asking if we have any of these vinyl toys for grabs, but unfortunately, your best bet is with your local retailer! We have thus decided to combine the two hottest colorways with, duh, HUMPek! And we're loving this power pair!


So to celebrate the return of our favouritest and nastiest pups, we are holding the naughtiest giveaway contest that we have ever held so far. Tell us a dirty little secret and stand to win either a HUMPek Ebony and Ivory itself or a $30 Mighty Jaxx voucher!

Two simple steps to participate:

1. Share and tag a naughty friend in the comments section of THIS FACEBOOK POST.
2. Go to the link in the post or THIS LINK and fill in the respective fields!

We look forward to reading your little secrets (of course you'll be anonymous when we share your story) so keep them *ahem* coming!!

HUMPek by Whatshisname (Ebony and Ivory) releases for preorders this Saturday, 18 August (17 August for VIPs), 10 a.m. EDT. Get yours on!



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